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When choosing a Dallas locksmith it is important to clarify your work request for the locksmith.Not all locksmiths in Dallas Tx are equipped with the rite gear or the knowledge and training to assist in all aspects of locksmith service which include auto,residential and commercial lock work.

listed below is a list of essential tools in order to be a professional Dallas locksmith.

Pick tool set for a Dallas locksmith .Locksmith in Dallas Tx

Like a brush to a painter ,a pick tool set is a must have tool for the local Dallas locksmith.Pick tool use often in the locksmith trade so in any case involving a customer getting locked out of his home,thats when a pick tool is required.A skilled locksmith technician will be able to use the pick tool in order to pick your lock and unlock your deadbolt,door knob or any lock cylinder that works on a pin tumbler.A pick process can vary by the lock in hand and in some cases can take seconds and sometimes can take longer.Thats why it is hard to determine a price for a lockout before seeing the actual type of lock cylinder.A Dallas locksmith must carry a pick tool set in his tool box and must be skilled at it although there are some locks that even a master lock could not pick,but there most of the standard locks out there are possible to pick.

Key cutting machine.lock smith in dallas Tx

Well a locksmith without a key cutting machine kinda taking the smith out of the picture.As part of Being a Dallas locksmith,it is also required to make keys,or duplicate keys for costumers.There are several of key duplicates in Dallas Tx that been divided into 4 groups:

  1. Auto locks.
  2. Commercial locks.
  3. Residential locks.
  4. Cam locks.

A knowledgeable Dallas locksmith in the automotive locksmith field will be able to make a car key from scratch to your vehicle and cut it with his key cutting machine.An experienced commercial locksmith in Dallas Tx will be able to cut you restricted non duplicate keys for your locks on your office door and store front door.Local locksmith in Dallas Tx is able to cut you a key to your house locks in order to be able rekey your locks.Cam locks are locks that you typically see on mailboxes , file cabinets and desk drawers.For those cam locks also require a locksmith in Dallas Tx to be familiar with the variety there is out there and to carry in stock the necessary key blanks for cam locks and the proper key cutter for the key cutting machine.

Auto programming tool.Locksmiths in Dallas Tx

Dallas locksmith that handles automotive lock work,must carry with an auto programing tool.Auto programming tool is a necessary equipment in order to program the transponder car key that fit to the newer car models in Dallas Tx.An auto locksmith in Dallas Tx that takes part of serving costumers who lost their car key,got it broken for any reason,or had their purse stolen with their keys in them.An auto locksmith must be able to cut you the car key and program the transponder with an auto programming tool.

Universal rekey kit.local locksmith dallas

A universal rekey kit contains all the necessary components in order to provide a rekey service on locks for homes and business.A lock rekey is where a locksmith in Dallas Tx will arrive at your door and change out your key combination to your locks.Lock rekey is mostly common when you have purchased a new home and don’t want the previous owner to hold the key to your home,so as a new home owner you will order a lock rekeying service.A professional Dallas locksmith should have a universal rekey kit in his truck to be able to service Dallas residents and business owners various locks out there in the field.

Car unlock tool kit.

As part of being an auto locksmith in Dallas Tx ,most common service in the automotive field is a car unlock service for car and truck lockouts.Since there are so many different types of locking mechanism for foreign and domestic manufacture ,an auto locksmith must carry with him a car unlock tool kit that consist all the necessary tools to unlock your car without causing any damage to your door frame.In this car unlock tool kit ,there is a full instruction manual on how to unlock a car by the year make and model.

Proper license insurance and education.

In conclusion for choosing a professional Dallas locksmith on top of having the proper tools for the job,it is required by the Texas department of public safety to be certified in the locksmith trade,meaning to go to school in order to become a locksmith.A locksmith must be registered at the department of public safety which involves finger printed and pass a criminal background check to eliminate any possibility of previous felonies.

Giddy Up is a local Locksmith in Dallas Tx providing 24 hour lock service for over 8 years.All of our locksmith staff is trained licensed and equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment in order to assist in the automotive locksmith field,residential locksmith field and commercial locksmith filed.

Contact us today for your lock matter in Dallas Texas and we will be more than happy to offer you a friendly service at an affordable cost.


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